Stem Cell Clinics

Lately it seems like more and more stem cell treatment “clinics” are opening up. Many claim to offer treatments that can cure a long list of injuries and diseases. But how do you know if these claims are true and supported by science? This article will help you learn about stem cell therapy clinics and how to spot “red flags.”

What is a stem cell treatment “clinic”? 
Stem cell treatment “clinics” tend to claim treatment as a “cure-all” for many conditions and diseases. They offer patients stem cell therapies that may not have been researched enough to prove that they are safe and effective in treating diseases. In fact, some of these treatments may even be illegal and harmful to you.

All stem cells are not created equal   
In the U.S., the only stem cell therapies that are FDA approved use stem cells from blood and bone marrow to treat certain types of cancer, blood and immune system disorders, and certain metabolic disorders.

Beware of stem cell treatment clinic “red flags”
You may be thinking that it can be hard to tell if a stem cell treatment clinic is safe and trustworthy. Ads about treatments offered can look impressive and the testimonials can be convincing. Here are some possible “red flags” that should cause you concern:
  • The stem cell clinic treatments are not:
    • FDA approved.
    • Covered by health insurance.
    • Backed by careful study and scientific data.
  • The benefits of treatment are only supported by patient testimonials. 
  • The clinic does not share where they get the stem cells.
  • You are not asked to read and sign a consent explaining the benefits and risks of the therapy.

Do your homework & protect yourself
Before you consider having a stem cell treatment, be sure to ask your doctor about the claims of the treatment.  

Here’s a list of questions to ask your doctor that may help you uncover any possible concerns:

  • Is this therapy FDA approved?
  • Is there research that shows the therapy is safe and effective?
  • What type of cells will be used for this treatment and where do they come from?
  • Does insurance cover the cost? If not, why?
  • If the treatment is part of a clinical trial, is it registered with the FDA and listed on

If you are considering going to a stem cell treatment clinic, always talk to your doctor before you agree to have the treatment.

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While promising progress is being made in the study of stem cell therapy, some stem cell clinics offer treatments that are unsafe and possibly illegal. Contact us or ask your doctor for help deciding whether a stem cell treatment is trustworthy or not.

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