Treatment Costs in Clinical Trials

Every health insurance plan is different, so before you join a clinical trial talk to your health insurance company. It’s important to know ahead of time what your insurance will pay for and what you will have to pay yourself.

You don’t have to pay for treatments in a clinical trial when they aren’t approved by the FDA. If you receive standard treatment in a clinical trial, you or your health insurance company will pay for it. Standard treatment is a widely used treatment for a certain disease. Your doctor can help you find out if there are approved trials available to you.

Health Insurance

There are 3 main types of health insurance plans:

Group health insurance
This is usually provided by an employer. These plans are also called commercial health plans. There are different kinds of group plans. Some group plans require you to use specific hospitals and transplant centers. Others are more flexible and let you choose your hospital and transplant center.

Public health insurance
This is when health care benefits are provided through a government program like Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans Affairs.

Individual health insurance
People who don’t have health insurance through an employer and don’t qualify for a government program must buy an individual health insurance plan. Some people buy their health insurance from the health insurance marketplace (also called exchanges). Many states have created their own health insurance marketplace. There is also a federal health insurance marketplace. You can learn more about getting individual health insurance at