Costs and Financial Assistance

The clinical trial may pay for the treatment or drug that they’re studying. However, you may also get standard treatment in the trial. A standard treatment is widely used (and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) to treat a certain disease. If you receive standard treatment in a clinical trial, your insurance company is usually billed for it. Whether or not your insurance will pay for the standard treatment depends on the health insurance plan you have. 

Every health insurance plan is different, so before you join a clinical trial talk to your health insurance company. They can help you find out what your insurance will pay for and what you will have to pay for yourself. 

Financial Assistance 
The Drs. Jeffrey and Isabel Chell Clinical Trials Travel Grant helps qualified patients pay for the following travel costs: 
  • Air travel: for you and your companion 
  • Ground transportation: gas, parking and public transit (bus/train/cab/etc.)
  • Accommodations: hotel, temporary housing and incidentals

You will need to work with your medical team to submit the application. Download the application here: 

Travel Grant Application.pdf 707.79 KB

If you have any questions, please email or contact one of our Clinical Trial Navigators at 1 (888) 814-8610